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HYscent Leaf

Fragrance Dispensers

No spray. No mist. No liquid.

Solo - scent diffuser system


Do you want a discreet, effective and stylish fragrance diffuser? This is the best solution for use in small spaces up to 220 sq. ft.

Dual - scent diffuser system


Are you tired of the same fragrance every day? Do you want to create your own fragrance blend? With the Dual, medium-sized spaces up to 600 sq. ft. never smelled so good.

Stealth - scent diffuser system for large spaces


Our next generation, stylish, sleek and powerful fragrance diffuser for medium to large spaces.

The Three
Fragrance Families

Explore the variety of wonderful fragrances in our three distinct families. Whatever your preference, HYscent has a fragrance for you. Made in America, HYscent dry refill cartridges are made using APAT (Advanced Polymer Absorption Technology). Our proprietary manufacturing techniques ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Heritage- Fragrance Family
Aspirational - Fragrance Family
World - Fragrance Family

Why Choose Us

It is about purity. We are passionate about providing the highest quality fragrances made from the purest essential and fragrance oils that are eco happy and healthy. Our fragrance refills are made in America and we are trusted by businesses around the world to remove malodor and bring the purest natural fragrances into any environment.

Kyoto Mist - Scent Diffusion
Remove bad odor from environments

Don’t just cover malodor, eliminate it!

Odoraxe™ was designed to organically eliminate malodors at the molecular level and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). All HYscent refills contain Odoraxe, a malodor technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather than “masking” them. Odoraxe is effective against malodors such as tobacco smoke, bathroom smells, body malodor, pet, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells.