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HYscent Leaf
Commercial Fragrancing Customer

Simon, as I told you previously, HYscent is the first air freshener line that has been successful for us. We look for products that are not commodities so as to meet our margin requirements. All air freshener products are just different mousetraps without any real unique properties that allow for genuine differentiation. That was the case until HYscent came along. Price is never an issue with HYscent and closing a sale has never been so easy. Although we have only carried the line since January 2013, we have placed your products at most of our customers and are using the line as a door opener with new ones. We in fact have successfully developed one of the largest hospital systems in NYC into a serious customer for various other lines thanks to HYscent. At larger customers we offer to come in every 45 days to refill the dispensers with the cartridges that they purchase. That insures that they use the product and the customer sees it as a free service to them. Thank you for bringing this great opportunity and working with us.

Should you need to discuss this further please don’t hesitate to contact me.
David Guttmann

Commercial Fragrancing Customer

Having used HYscent products for one year, I would like to express how it has impacted business for Ace Janitorial. When I met Simon, he told me that walking into an end user account with the HYscent presentation case would be the ultimate door opener. I have to say that it has. HYscent allowed me to get in front of the key decision makers at many hospitals in my area including NYU Medical Centre and the New York Presbyterian Hospital system. The program has been so successful, and it is that success that has allowed us to acquire add-on business / additional revenue for Ace with other products and services we supply.

An additional revenue source we have implemented is the 45 day servicing of all HYscent products. We found that offering an installation and refill changing service has impacted not only our bottom line, but it further separates us from our competitors by showing how much we value our customer’s needs. This attention has be extremely appreciated and welcomed. HYscent is a fragrancing system that has captured my customer’s imagination in a way that has been totally unexpected and has opened up so many opportunities. We are currently in the process of performing a complete five phase install of HYscent products throughout Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. The response to HYscent has been received so enthusiastically that phase two of the installation was brought forward and is happening now.

HYSO as a company has a super support system, and one of their key people Frank Snair, has been integral to the success at Johns Hopkins and NYU Med. His knowledge of the odor control business is impressive but his knowledge of how to get the most out large hospital systems is even more impressive as we are installing the HYscent devices in multiple areas throughout. Working with Frank, I have realized that the installation guide that HYSO provides is invaluable, as the correct placement of HYscent products is key in achieving truly terrific product performance.

Thank you Simon for HYscent. I never thought that the quality of your fragrances could have such an impact in our business. It is your fragrances and design that defines what HYscent is all about. We continue to look forward to much success together.

Alex Guttman
Ace Janitorial

Animal Center

Working in an animal shelter has always presented an issue with unpleasant odors. I have tried numerous products for odor control in the hallways and public areas to create an inviting feeling for visitors looking for lost animals and visitors looking for a new family pet. Our Ellison Sanitary Supply representative, Brad Kuester, introduced me to HYscent. He has visited our facility frequently and knew I was looking for something that would work for us at the shelter. He brought in a solo fan dispenser with the pomegranate plum scent inside. He stood just outside of my office and said he had a new product he wanted to show me, and I could already smell it. He was only at my office for about 5 minutes before he left with the unit, but the scent lingered for about 30-40 minutes after he left. Being that I still smelled the scent after it wasn’t even here, I was impressed. I ordered several units (duals and solos) and placed them strategically (based on recommendations from the Getting the Most out of your Devices HYscent pamphlet). The results have been very impressive. You smell fragrance opposed to a temporary cover smell like most air fresheners. We have had visitors compliment the staff and how noticeably clean and fresh everything smells, and how the lobby actually smells good for a change (some of these comments are from people that have been coming to the shelter since it opened). My overall impression of HYscent is very high and would definitely recommend this product to any facility managers looking to freshen the air opposed to just covering up smells.

Barry Rivers
Director of Facilities Young-Williams Animal Center Knoxville, TN

After using ineffective products, we made the change to HYscent at Avera Behavioral Health. In all honesty it did not even take 24 hours for the compliments to start coming in. In the Facilities world of Healthcare, first impressions are lasting impressions. The HYscent product has lived up to and bypassed my expectations. I gives me a large sense of pride to know that I am providing an inviting environment with the help of HYscent and doing it in a healthy enjoyable way with a completely green product. Thank you Mr. Sassoon for making my job just a little easier.

Last evening I had a knock on my door at my residence. I greeted the gentleman at my door. He was a salesman for TrueGreen Lawn Care. After a very pleasant 10 minute conversation and at the conclusion, the gentleman stopped and said, “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”. “How do you keep your home smelling so good?” Now keep in mind that this is a kind of manly, man that works on lawns for a living. I couldn’t help but smile. Long story short, I introduced him to your company. I pulled up your webpage on my phone while visiting with him. He was very impressed. I also explained that you had not gone into the residential market yet. I welcomed him to Google your product for a retailer in which he could find your product. I also shared a new puck with him from my personal stash. God bless you in your mission and keep changing lives by providing a wonderful, inviting, healthy environment for all those you meet.

Blaine Jones
Facility Services Manager
Avera Behavioral Health Center


Joyce Wells here from Angel Enterprise Farm in Central Florida. I am writing to tell you what a wonderful product you have in the HYScent Duel Fragrance system. I raise miniature pigs. I bring the babies into my home where they are kept in my living room in play pens (pack n plays). Well I bred for Christmas babies and oh how the girls went above and beyond. I now have over 60 baby piglets inside my home at this time. They have a litter box inside each of the play pens and are pretty good about using them. But you would think with the sheer number the smell in the house would be horrible. Time and time again I have farm visitors tell me that they cannot believe how nice it smells in my house. That you would never know that I even had piglets inside. I will give credit where it is due. The HYScent Dual is awesome and I love the fresh linen fragrance. Thank you so much for introducing me to such a wonderful product.

Joyce Wells

To: Simon Sassoon

Placing fragrances in healthcare facilities can be a daunting task. With the challenges of regulations and roadblocks put up by infection control plus patient sensitivity and lower immune systems in an environment that requires fragrance due to the pervasive odors common in a healthcare setting, it can be difficult to move forward and gain business. Thankfully, HYscent is now available. Their products are safe and effective in removing unwanted odors while providing a pleasant fragrance in these businesses

I have overwhelmingly successful in the healthcare industry in Northern Alabama over the last few months since we bought on this product line. We now have them in large medical office buildings and all of the Fresenius Dialysis clinics. Dialysis clinics have a unique aroma due to the chemicals used in treatment and the special needs of patients in the restrooms.

The response to implementing the program has been terrific. The staff and patients are very grateful for the pleasant scents that now welcome them when they come for work or treatment and are impressed by the aesthetically pleasing designs. HYscent is one of the best products I have come across in years in the industry and without a doubt the best air care system I have ever represented.

Jeremy Hosier
Banks Industries
Huntsville, Alabama

Baxter Clean Care

We just completed our “roll-out” of the HYscent fragrancing, products with Mr. Simon Sassoon. To the point, it was a huge and exciting success!

We sold out of our entire opening stock order, well over 250 units. As exciting as the sellout was, working with Simon and experiencing his presentation, was truly entertaining and educational for our entire staff. We included our whole team, administration, warehouse and delivery in an early morning presentation and the sales staff in a follow up presentation.

After Simon made a sales appointment with a potential, large end user, we featured him at a “lunch and learn” with key customers that were specifically chosen and invited by members of the sales staff at a local restaurant.
After Simon’s presentation, pre-printed order forms were distributed to each customer with the opportunity to place an order. More than 75% of those in attendance left a completed order and the rest set follow up appointments with their sales representative.

We are looking forward to an exciting year with the opportunity to take a new product to our customers that gives Baxter Clean Care a “competitive advantage” over our competition. Thanks, Simon, for introducing us and our customers to HYscent.

Jerry Russell
Director of Operations & General Manager
Baxter Clean Care

Baxter Clean Care


I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your time last week. Having said that, your product launch has been one of the most successful I have ever been part of, and I’ve been selling Jan San for over 25 years!

Thank you Simon


Simon, having tested and sold HYscent odor control for the last 6 months, we endorse HYscent because: * High customer acceptance due to unique high tech dispenser proprietary design * Quality fragrances with wider opportunity both in and out of the restroom * Fast inventory turns * Higher profitability * Low customer in use cost * Improved safety for health and flammability specifications/no VOC, safer than aerosols * “Green“Appeal * Ability to compete with any restroom service companies. Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Paul F. Bertenthal

I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time and presenting us this one of a kind product. The customer responses have been extremely positive also wanted to give you a review on my success I am having with Hyscent. I have been able to walk into every single one of my accounts and not have to say a word. All I do is turn the dispenser on duel setting high and employees flock to the dispenser and fight over scents just like you said. The product sells itself. Also I took a few suggestions from you and walked into places that I’ve been turned down bye in the past. It truly magic. I haven’t left one cold call account this week were they didn’t purchase multiple duel dispenser… last note I also wanted to say your presentation was on point. Great Job Simon. Thank you,

Drew Firestone
Birsch industries


We can’t say enough about HYscent!!! It’s an excellent product at an excellent price. We love it!!!

Champion Supply

Wanted to email you and let you know we are extremely happy with our switch to HYscent. We currently use HYscent in the bathrooms, changing rooms, and classrooms. We have been very pleased with the product! The fragrance is very consistent throughout the day and we have been able to eliminate the harsh odors as well.
Thank you,

Janet Kite
Executive Director
Children’s Center of Knoxville

Clean Innovations

Great email from HYSO’s CEO Simon Sassoon-check out the dispenser program!!! We are shipping out five Stealth’s to OSU medical center for their first phase. We have 2 stealth units in stock for you to take out to present to your clients. Take advantage of this wonderful program and help your clients develop an aromatherapy program !

It’s works!!!! Easy sale!

OSU Medical Center will be purchasing 20 units at a cost of $225 per unit. When you present the program let your clients know how OSU medical center is using the HYSO program to increase their “HCAHPS” scores. If you have any questions about OSUMC program contact me. Set up an appointment I’ll make sure to be there to assist you in the presentation.


Clean Innovations

August 2014, we partnered with Simon and HYscent, establishing an innovative air care program that is effective in a multitude of unique applications. HYscent has become our partner in constantly bringing new and innovative products to our market. The improvements in the HYscent line over the last six months have helped implement programs to better serve our clients’ needs. Our initial goal was to market the Solo/Dual program to improve the air care experience by using an environmentally friendly system with a multitude of fragrances. Our clients were involved with the presentation, and the “sniff” program was a hit. Our clients were hooked.

We also brought HYscent to the public in a bigger ways. A large health care provider in Columbus is now using the HYscent Invent program in all of their public restrooms throughout their network. According to our client, they feel that the Invent program has helped maintain their HCAP score of 93-95 by creating a pleasant and positive experience. The hospital is presently testing the Stealth Program for their larger public areas.

We have also provided HYscent refills for our city’s public transportation system. The refills have actually been placed in the air vents of each bus providing a positive experience for the rider.

CleanInnovations’ commitment to a healthy environment, we are pleased to represent HYscent, a company that shares our values.

Howard J. Cohen

We got the whole chain of 8 locations, some very large, about to put up install at Mockingbird Lane location in Dallas. Other previous locations include: Arlington, Carrollton, Dallas/Forest Ln, Garland, Richardson & Frisco. We have all their business in these locations, including towels, tissue, soap, chemicals, dispensers, brains, brushes, etc-you get it-more locations to come.

Andrew Flynn
Complete Supply, Inc

All my hopes and aspirations for HYSO seem to be coming together! This week Andrew and I presented it to a hospital. Andrew quoted and has been promised an order. Hope to see the order today! Yesterday Andrew showed it to a chain of pet supply stores. Got orders for 19 Solo units plus product as an opening order.

Today I showed HYscent to Garland Schools. Getting a trial for 6 Dual units plus 2 cases of every product we stock. Order total is for over $1500. Margin is 50%. Price was not an issue! HYscent is a winning product. Easy story to tell. The aromas sell themselves. But you MUST SHOW HYSCENT to sell! I expect success stories from each of you next Wednesday at our sales meeting. Have a good weekend!

Brian Eltis
Vice President
Complete Supply, Inc

This is the paragraph on HYscent to my monthly note to the salesforce.

“As for the new HYscent line, you are all doing amazing. I have just placed our third order in month. We have now purchased over $11,000 of product within a 30-45 day range. This is simply amazing and we have yet to begin. I am in total shock of the potential and have never seen this type of potential in our industry. We have an exclusive in DFW at this point and that my friend is simply amazing.
This line will open up new markets such as health care, class A buildings, retail chains…..just make the presentation and it will sell. Simon’s expectation for us is $50,000 per month of purchase. I think we can do $100,000!

David Bachall
Complete Supply, Inc


Simon, as you know, we recently started with Hyso to resell in the ME/NH marketplace. We thought we could add profit to our Air Treatment category and our expectations have been exceeded. We under estimated the close ratio and are hearing nothing but positives from our customers regarding quality. Although we have only been doing this for about three months, we are comfortable in projecting $40-$50K in new gross profit dollars for the next twelve months.
As someone who appreciates really high quality products, I love the way the product works and fits into our business. Thanks for making this available to COR!

Phil Sferes

Power Systems

Holy Cow!!!
Not even 5 minutes after you left someone said, “mmm it smells so good in here!”I have been hearing it ever since !:) Definitely a hit!

Emily Honeycutt
Central Parts Warehouse
Cummins Power Systems, LLC

Dear Simon,
I wanted to let you know how well the new/redesigned refill fragrance cartridges have been working fantastic!
The fragrances are doing their job—lasting well over 45 Days! The matching fragrance urinal screens are a unique design and provide the best method of totally fragrancing restrooms with the same scents. The New Dual and Solo Dispensers work extremely well and provide extended battery life.

HYscent is the best air-care on the market. Lobbies and the back of the building areas. Thank you for staying the course and for everything else you do. We look forward to continuing to grow a long-term relationship.

Best regards,
Paul F. Bertenthal

fitch cleaning

We just spent two and a half days with Simon Sassoon. Our people loved him, our customers loved him and his products are terrific. In has been in this industry since we have had something which was so much fun to sell. If you haven’t bought in HYscent , or are just playing with it, you have a real opportunity to create sales. Make your customers and the environment greener.

Lynne Kirsner
Fitchco, Owner

fitch cleaning

Just had a call at Baltimore Washington Medical Center with the HYscent products. They went crazy with them!!! The secretary was opening the fragrance sample pots and took some of the pellets for her drawers – they loved it. First time in a long time that I was presenting a product standing up, and everyone listening was standing up , asking to touch the product while I am trying to talk about it – taking it out of my hands to get to it. Crazy Call! It’s sold.

Marci Barnes
Senior Sales Representative


I wanted to let you know that we loved the vanilla HYscent air fresheners. I thought the apple was my favourite but now I think it’s the vanilla. It’s nice to have so many lovely scents to choose from.

Laura Hernandez
Administrative assistant to Director of Operations
Fresenius Medical Care
Huntsville, Alabama


Fragrance smells good. It does a great job of getting rid of odors in the bathrooms. I like all the different fragrance choices.

LaToya Wright
Fresenius Medical Care Wright
Fresenius Medical Care
Chase Dialysis


We ate North Alabama love HYscent! The dispensers are easy to operate and it really does eliminate bad odors. Thanks,

Nadine Miller
Unit Secretary
FMC North Alabama Clinic 1436


The Dispenser is attractive, yet discreet. We get a lot of compliments from the patients on how good the bathrooms smell.

Cynthia Church, RN, BSN
Clinic Manager, Discovery Dialysis
Huntsville, Alabama


We are very pleased with the HYscent air fresheners in our clinic. We like that there are different fragrances and the DO eliminate the terrible odors.

Gayla Murphy
Clinic Assistant
Clinic 1438
Scottsboro Dialysis

Email from Michael at Goodwill to their ProLink distributor, Fitchco Co

Hey Kenneth! I really like HYscent; It is so much than the Time Mist dispensers that I have been using. I would love to learn more about mixing the fragrances to get a certain smell. Thanks.

Michael Jacbos
Goodwill Industries of Chesapeake, Inc

Jonathan we are so impressed with HYscent! We have been able to eliminate the odors in our troubled restrooms on the church side and the football locker room on the academy side. Coach McKamey was impressed with the longevity of the InVent. He has had it up for 75 days and says it is still working like it was the first couple weeks! We will continue to add these across our campus as our budget permits. Thanks for all your help!

In Christ Sara Cox Facility Director Grace Baptist Church


In the fast paced and rapid turnover Real Estate world of London, one of my prime tasks as an Interior Designer is to stage and showcase houses for sale. I can transform visually, but the great unspoken issue is no matter how High End a house looks, pervasive odors from previous owners can nix the good work in an instant.

My new secret weapon is HYscent. Heavy smokers, pet smells, stale soft furnishings, drainage – whatever the problem – the only thing that provides a blanket solution has been my little godsend devices! I place them strategically and leave secure in the knowledge that they will keep on working just as powerfully as they did on day one – not only neutralizing but eliminating malodorous lingerers. We’ve all uselessly stuck an air freshener near a trash can, only to have it ineffective in a few days. Spray works for as long as it takes to leave a room. I need something Next Level, that generates sophisticated fragrance powerfully, for months, that is as present at every house showing as the day it was installed. Realtor feedback, I might add, has been overwhelmingly positive…they tell me that it immediately puts their clients into a positive and appreciative frame of mind. Aromatherapy bliss at its best.

I don’t actually have a pressing need in my own house – but I can’t do without them now! Absolutely love all the fragrances and the little burst of lovely they waft at me 24/7, not to mention the ‘ahh’ moment when I come home and open the door. Thanks guys, genius invention!

Alison Hay


I wanted to send you a quick review on the performance of your Air Fragrancing Systems. For ten months I worked with a company that maintained aerosol air fresheners in my public restrooms with substandard results. The restrooms would have a sewer smell when I walked into them and be quite revolting. As luck would have it, I met you and you introduced me to your Dual and Solo Air Fragrancing Systems, as well as your Invent fresheners. To be honest, at first I thought it would be just another sales pitch, but I was impressed with your product. Every time I inspect the public restrooms, I am pleased to walk into a pleasant smell and I am not embarrassed to have my guests use the restrooms, especially as they are next to our dining room. Your Invents have also proven to be effective with freshening guest rooms and Housekeeping is very happy with the results. They work well on rooms that have been smoked in, as our hotel is a non smoking facility. I usually do not give testimonials on products, however I feel that it is warranted in this case, as your product lived up to your promise. Thanks again and take care!


Wes McIlrath
General Manager

Thames Valley Pneumatics,
United Kingdom

Objective: Remove the malodor from previous tenant’s dog training facility. The malodor was so pungent that it was preventing the office space from being leased.

Strategy: Install the HYScent Dual. All HYScent fragrances contain Odourfoyl®, a malodor technology that attacks and neutralizes malodors.

Results: The malodor disappeared almost immediately and the space was leased the following week.

Quote: “I own a multi-purpose building in the UK. The previous tenants in one of our 5,400 cubic feet spaces ran a dog training facility for dogs working at London’s Heathrow Airport. They were great tenants, but when they left after two years, nothing I did would get rid of the dog smell. I tried all sorts of products, and even spent a lot of money to have the space steam cleaned, but nothing worked. This was a major problem for me because the smell was preventing me from leasing the space. Finally, after about two months, I heard about the HYScent Dual and decided to give it a try. I couldn’t believe the results! Within 24 hours you couldn’t tell that a dog had ever been there. Ten days later, the space was leased!”

Alan Millard
Office Building Owner

Customer: 520-bed hospital in the United States

Objective: Eliminate the strong malodor that pervades the hospitals’ diaper rooms.

Strategy: Install the HYscent Dual. All HYscent fragrances contain Odoraxe, a malodor technology that attacks and neutralizes malodors.

Results: All foul smells were effectively neutralized overnight; the HYscent Dual has continued to maintain a pleasant fragrance in the rooms without any detectable malodors.

Quote: “Malodors can be a problem for any hospital, but this is especially true in the diaper rooms in our children’s ward. We had previously tried several other odor control products to combat the problem but nothing seemed to work. Most of the products did a poor job at of neutralizing the odors and used excessive masking fragrances to try and accomplish this task. I decided to give the HYscent Dual a try because I heard it is extremely powerful and effective. I was amazed by not only how quickly it worked, but more so by its longevity. With the HYscent Dual in the diaper rooms, there is almost never any bad smell.”

Director of Environmental Services

Just wanted to tell you we ordered HySo again today. That is the 3rd order we have placed in less than a week. We were able to order the few special order scents and decided to put a small inventory in place on those. Cafe Mocha, Cinnamon and Waterlily will now be stocked.

We get our orders in about 4 days. We will very likely be ordering again next week! Thanks for your efforts on this promo.

Jerry Faulkner
Sales Manager
JCL Solutions, Formerly Janitor’s Closet Ltd.

Pre-Sale by Simon Sassoon

So …I turn up into my Hilton Garden Inn last Sunday night. Only 5 rooms left and all smoking. The lady booking me in apologized that the room would be very smelly and gave me a discount. I said no problem. I said when I leave the room, there will be an absence of smoke odor.

I asked her when the General Manager would be in the next morning, she said 8am. I met with the manager and totally pitched him on HYscent and the benefits to (in their words) the impossible SMOKING ROOMS. After my presentation, I then went directly to Mobile Janitorial. Ergo … see Mike Fillingim’s email below. So it just goes to show, there is a sales opportunity round every corner.

Simon Sassoon Founder, HYSO

The Closing Sale
Simon, enjoyed working with you yesterday … MATE … and I’m looking forward to working with you again down the road. I wanted to let you know that I went by and closed the deal at The Hilton Garden Inn. Thanks for passing that along to us. Looks like we will not only be putting it in the smoking rooms but also in the lobby, spa, gym, public R/R, and possibly hallways. I also talked with Frank and it sounds like you have a great support staff that actually gives a shit about the guys out in the Field. I have no doubt that Hyso will be very successful in the years to come and I’m glad we are going to have the opportunity to be a little part of that.

Shinny side up brother, peace.

Mike Fillingim
Sales & Training Consultant
Mobile Janitorial & Paper Office

West Liberty Foods


The HYscent Dual is an absolutely amazing product. I would like to share with you how I have come to find this out.

I work for a company that processes meat, and sometimes there can be some very ugly odors that come with this process. We have a wastewater treatment facility that is particularly unpleasant with its odor. I placed a HYscent Dual in the facility one morning, and within one hour, I had the young lady who works in the area come to me with immense gratitude for placing the HYscent Dual in her area.

So I had to witness for myself if indeed it only took one hour to make a difference. When I walked in, I honestly could not believe the difference it made. A great product that made a very big difference not only in the way the building smells, but in the attitude of the young lady that has to work in the water treatment facility. Thank you very much HYSO for your great product.

Kind Regards

Cole Richards
Maintenance Superintendent Tremonton Utah Facility

The test run of the Hyso Dual is working great in the foyer. I have had several comments on how nice it smells when they walk in the door.

Mindy Nicholas
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant West Liberty Foods, LLC
Tremonton, Utah

When I was asked by my boss George Ellison if I could sell HYscent I laughed and responded, “How quick can you get this in stock?” HYscent has so many good selling points, and is so versatile, everyone can use some form of this product. HYscent ability to eliminate odors with OdorAxe and the great fragrances that are made out of essential oils make this product unlike any other in our industry. The ability the fragrances have to last up to 60 days and the fact they are VOC Compliant made this product an easy sale to everyone! Not to mention the 18 signature fragrances you have to choose from. I have had the opportunity to sell HYscent to schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, country clubs, doctors’ offices, dentist offices, hotels, workout facilities, office spaces, and child care centers. After selling HYscent for two months I had a work day with Owner/Founder Simon Sassoon and realized I was under selling HYscent and needed to place HYscent in patient’s rooms, classrooms, and hotel rooms. I was caught up in taking care of restroom areas and I lost focus on the big picture. HYscent can do so much more than just deodorize a restroom. The overall HYscent program has opened doors to see customers I have never been able to see before. The awesome design of the Solo and Dual Dispensers always catches the customer’s attention right away. Although those dispensers are awesome they are not always the best application for all customers. HYscent came out with the Invent and the Pod which are as effective and productive in the proper setting. As a Sales Representative of Ellison Sanitary Supply Company I am still excited about the opportunities I have had selling HYscent. I am anxious to see what Simon and his staff at HYSO will be introducing to the world in the near future. As I have told everyone, “If you are not selling HYscent you are not showing HYscent.”

Jonathan Cox
Ellison Sanitary Supply Co.


“I have had great success with this new line. Everyone I have showed this product to has expressed an interest in buying the product. Here is what I have done in the last two weeks; Chaparral Place Oilfield Apartment complex in Pleasanton. They rent apartments buy the night or he has seen corporations buying for a month at $3,500 a month. They offer full maid service daily and these guys are really stinky!! He is currently building an additional 48 units and expects to have all 100 units filled by September 1, To date he has spent more than $500 this year on air products (Airlift). He believes that HYscent’s will save him money in the long run. I walked into two school districts and both have committed to purchasing in September when their new budget is in place.

I have to add this story, when I walked into Poteet ISD with this products, my customer said my timing was perfect. She had just relocated her warehouse and before she moved her time mist, maintenance had shut down the A/C. She went to pick up a case of time mist and it EXPLODED!! Luckily it exploded downward and just burnt her fingers but it left her deciding she needed a new products and HYscent’s is that product!

I have even sold this product to the Hampton Inn in Pearsall for his public bathrooms where Hilton requires only using Febreeze. I have sold to hotels, schools, government offices.

I think the best selling point is that the dispensers goes off when the lights are out, easy to demo just put your hand over the sensor to show that the fan turns off. The other great selling point is that you can alternate fragrances so it appeals to even more people”.


Dear Simon,

This letter is intended to be a testimonial to other potential distributors of your fragrance and odor elimination products.

Our company has had the HYscent products for approximately six months and is now gaining excellent traction in our market area. As a distributor of about six other deodorant systems, it of course takes some time to sell the whole organization on the merits of your product line and the last thing we really wanted was another deodorant system! However, the uniqueness of these pleasantly scented and effective products make them a great door opener for our company into both large and small accounts alike.

We look forward to many years ahead in a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Kevin J Carlson
Mission Janitorial & Abrasive Supplies

I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for introducing HYscent to North Central Surgical Center. The superior quality of HYscent has steadied a high level of satisfaction. In adding a fragrance which is pleasing and comforting; we also appreciate the similar efficiency to promote a healthy and safe environment.

Yours Sincerely,

Krystal Faucette
Environmental Services Supervisor
North Central Surgical Center Dallas, TX


I wanted to take some time to thank you for the excellent product and the service we have received from our supplier. We have many people with a sensitivity to chemicals and odors and HYscent has been complaint free since installing in our LEED Green Building. We are planning to order more units and over time hopefully replace our current deodorizers with HYscent.


Marvin McFalls
Custodial Section Manager

The James Cancer Center

To whom it may Concern:

Hello, my name is Jesus Figueroa Jr. (Jesse) and I am the Director of Environmental Services at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center “The James”. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the makers of HYscent and to Howard Cohen of CleanInnovations, who specifically, was instrumental in working with me and sharing the HYscent program with our facility.

I first met Howard in late 2014 as we were preparing to open The James Cancer Center as part of the new construction build out of OSU. I was very impressed with HYscent and began to implement the product in the Emergency Department and in Public Areas throughout the facility.

I am very pleased to say that for the last 4 plus years we have increased the use of the program to other facilities within our medical system and the product, like Howard, have exceeded our expectations.

We have been able to maintain a 90 percentile or higher in our Environmental Services HCAHPs scores since we opened the facility in 2014. The HYscent program allows our department to deliver a Patient Experience model throughout the system and reach goals that many facilities strive for.

Patients, staff members, and guests continue to remark on how effective the product is and how it makes them feel at home when they are here at “The James”. Our goal at OSU is to continue the use of the HYscent program throughout the Medical Center and enhance our Patient Experience as we continue to grow not only in square footage but also in patient visits.

I would not only highly recommend HYscent, but challenge anyone out there to find a better product to use in their facility.

Thank you,

Jesus Figueroa Jr. (Jesse), CHESP
Director Environmental Services
The James Cancer Center Environmental Services Department
Columbus, OH 43210


Dear Simon,

Thank you for spending two days last week with us here at Pro-Tex-All. From the knowledge gained and excitement generated during our kick off training, to the success experienced on end user calls to both new and existing customers, the Hyscent fragrancing system can be the door opening game changer that every company, business owner, and D.S.R. is looking for.

This is the most well thought out, developed, and tested product line with the most immediate and long term potential I have ever seen within my 25 years in the industry. I ask, how often can you offer the end user something that is proven safer than any other fragrance system on the market with unmatched performance.

I hope all of your distributors see this for what it is – as the golden ticket does not come along often. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you soon.


Rick Morgan

To all,
I hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to give you a heads up that I will be adding Hyso to our Ecommerce site in the next few days. However, PRICING WILL NOT BE LISTED. We are working on the J&M Electronic Rep Assist program and I want all of my DSRs to recognize that Hyscent is the only aircare line we are endorsing. The ERA is linked to my Ecommerce site, so I have to add it. This will also hopefully spark some customer interest when they shop.
I’m bringing this your attention so that you understand that we are not actively soliciting Hyscent business from current Hyso customers (i.e. your customers). If we get a call for pricing and we did not pioneer the account, my customer service knows not to quote a price. In the rare event that something slips through the cracks, please call me right away and I will be sure to fix the issue.
Thanks and happy selling! Best Regards,

Vice President of Sales & Operations
Scoles Floorshine Industries

SouthEast Link

Email Message to Scoles Sales Team

Subject: We are Hyso Crrrrrraaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy!! Team,

Please see below. We WILL BE PARTICIPATING. That means that you are now in a race to convert that old technology air care business to HYSO while the dispensers are NO CHARGE. This is a substantial investment, but we are going to do it so that we can capitalize on our plans with HYscent as our only air care program.

Next steps:

 Get the word out to all of your customers right away!

 Be sure to insist on full list price for the cartridge refills (we only make exceptions for large pieces of business) when you quote

 Continue to show the system to EVERY CUSTOMER


FYI, I am almost finished our ERA program and you will see the HYSO in every facility that is programmed into the application. It is a really cool feature and I’m hoping it helps with your sales efforts.

Thank you and happy selling! Best Regards,

Vice President of Sales & Operations
Scoles Floorshine Industries


I would like to thank you for your time in coming to Dublin to help us promote HYscent at the hospitality show in the RDS exhibition center. We are so pleased with how the Stealth has been received and the very positive enquiries now turning to orders! It will keep us busy and will open more doors for us in our business.
Little did we know that a chance encounter at a trade show in Florida all those years ago would steer us to where we are today with HYscent. The pure passion you have for your products left a mark on us that day and we are so glad we got the opportunity to work with you and bring HYscent to Ireland.
Thanks again for your support,

Ciaran, Turlough and Liam
Safestride Commercial Hygiene Service

SouthEast Link

SouthEast LINK was an very early adaptor of HYscent technologies.

The acceptance of HYscent by our customers was (is) extraordinary. The products are easy to demonstrate, and customers become emotional involved in the presentation. The hands-on experience makes the closing ratio extremely high.

HYscent requires very little training for both new and seasoned sales people. SouthEast LINK is passionate about sustainable cleaning, and HYscent fits our green program perfectly.

With the upgrades in dispensers and longer lasting fragrances, HYscent performs even better than ever.

-High performing dispensers that actually have a story that can be sold

-Fragrances that customers love to experience for themselves

-Long lasting cartridge performance

-Every sales call a potential customer

-Easy training

HYscent is a winner at SouthEast LINK. Every sales person should carry these products into every call.

Jack Adelman
SouthEast LINK
VP Education & Training

SouthEast Link

“I have been in the custodial supply business since 1974.

The problem of malodor control has been a consistent issue throughout all those years. I have provided customers with every “odor control” technology available (wicks, T-cells, aerosols, jells, etc.). None of these systems were effective or long lasting.

The Hyscent fragrancing system has changed the paradigm…..When the proper fragrance is utilized with the malodor issue the result is spectacular. The satisfaction rate from end users has been 100%!

At Westbury Healthcare, a long term healthcare facility, a test was performed in one resident hallway. This particular hallway was the Alzheimer ward, and the malodor was intense. We installed Dual dispensers (with Mango fragrance) at 20 foot intervals, alternating walls every 20 feet.

Not only was the result excellent, but to the amazement of all, the cartridges lasted over 90 days!!!!

Hyscent works…..enough said!”

Jack Adelman,
VP Education and Training


HYscent Testimonial

Star Hygiene is proud to be the Master Distributor of the HYscent product range in Australia. At Star Hygiene we are committed to delivering exceptional products and outstanding service. When we discovered HYscent 4 years ago we knew it was a product that embodied our brand.

HYscent ticked all the boxes. Eco-friendly, Natural and Innovative! Having HYscent exclusively as our fragrancing and odour control system has given us a competitive edge and has allowed us to take fragrancing beyond the washroom and into all environment and spaces.

We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with HYscent as we continue to grow the HYscent brand in Australia.

Heidi Kenda & Wade Poland
Managing Directors
Star Hygiene


To whom it may concern,

My name Norma Freed I am the Environmental Services Supervisor at UPMC (University Pittsburgh Medical Center) Senior Communities Cranberry Place. I would like to take this opportunity to share how Hyscent has impacted our facility.

There are certain odors that develop in a Senior Community environment that can be hard to combat. I, being employed here for nine years, have endured these struggles. We as a facility have tried many different types of products, sprays, odor sticks, and electronic deodorizers. None of which were successfully in eliminating the odor.

In June of 2012, our Regional Sales Director from Randall Industries Frank Snair, introduced me to a new product called Hyscent. This product is environmentally friendly, odor neutralizing, and runs silently. Also, there are several different fragrances to choose from.

We decided to purchase this product and see if it would satisfy our needs. I am very pleased to say it has met and exceeded our expectations. We have placed two duel devices on each of our units. One of the features I like about this device is the fans at both ends run at different intervals. Every six to eight weeks I change out the fragrance. I have received so many compliments from residents, family members, and staff, that we have such a pleasant scent in our facility. Some have even commented that it smells like home. That is our ultimate goal, to have our residents feel at home, because this is their home.

Recently I was introduced to another Hyscent product called the Signature InVent. This product helps with those troublesome rooms that have temporary odors. You can just clip it on the HVAC in the room or in the ceiling outside the room. The device is completely recyclable, takes no batteries and has a nice appearance.

I would highly recommend Hyscent for any facility.


Norma Freed
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Sioux County Sheriff’s Office

Sioux County Sheriff’s Office

We just completed our “roll-out” of the HYscent fragrancing, products with Mr. Simon Sassoon.

To the point, it was a huge and exciting success!

We sold out of our entire opening stock order, well over 250 units. As exciting as the sellout was, working with Simon and experiencing his presentation, was truly entertaining and educational for our entire staff. We included our whole team, administration, warehouse and delivery in an early morning presentation and the sales staff in a follow up presentation.

After Simon made a sales appointment with a potential, large end user, we featured him at a “lunch and learn” with key customers that were specifically chosen and invited by members of the sales staff at a local restaurant.

After Simon’s presentation, pre-printed order forms were distributed to each customer with the opportunity to place an order. More than 75% of those in attendance left a completed order and the rest set follow up appointments with their sales representative.

We are looking forward to an exciting year with the opportunity to take a new product to our customers that gives Baxter Clean Care a “competitive advantage” over our competition. Thanks Simon for introducing us and our customers to HYscent.

Jerry Russell

Director of Operations & General Manager