Scent diffusers for Schools and Educational Facilities

HYscent Leaf

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to impacting concentration and mood, which is why fragrance marketing can be exceptionally beneficial when it comes to boosting focus in the classroom.

If you’re looking for an effective way to uplift student morale and attention span, we highly recommend introducing one of our eco-friendly scent machines. HYscent only uses essential oils, meaning they’re incredibly safe and boast a whole host of positive benefits for students and staff. Recent scientific research has shown that certain scents are proven to increase student productivity, such as Lemon, which enhances mental and physical task performance. Other smells such as Cinnamon stimulates the brain while heightening attention, whereas fragrances of Lavender and Citrus have calming properties, encouraging tranquillity.

HYscent are experts in providing fragrance solutions for all spaces of any size. Our dedicated team can transform the entirety of your educational facility with the power of scent. We recommend our Stealth Machine for bigger spaces, such as gymnasiums, libraries locker rooms and lecture theatres, whereas as depending on classroom size are better suited to our Dual and Solo scent machines. For washrooms and urinals, discover Vortex which effectively and safely removes unpleasant malodour.

“The ability the fragrances have to last up to 60 days and the fact they are VOC Compliant made this product an easy sale to everyone! Not to mention the 18 signature fragrances you have to choose from. I have had the opportunity to sell HYscent to schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, country clubs, doctors’ offices, dentist offices, hotels, workout facilities, office spaces, and child care centers.” Ellison Sanitary Supply Co.

Educational Facilities and schools that can use scent machines:

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Nursery
  • Elementary school (grade school), primary school
  • Middle school
  • Comprehensive school
  • Secondary school
  • Comprehensive school
  • High school
  • Middle school
  • Upper school
  • Academy
  • Boarding school
  • College
  • Career college
  • Community college
  • Junior college
  • Liberal arts college
  • Residential college
  • Sixth form college
  • Technical college or Institute of Technology
  • University college
  • Graduate school
  • Institute of technology (Polytechnic)
  • University
  • Corporate university
  • International university
  • Local university
  • Private university
  • Public university

We recommend considering these following HYscent fragrance diffusers for your business:

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