Best Air Freshener for Office Spaces & Office Odor Eliminator

HYscent Leaf

If your staff are happy, this will be reflected in their productivity and efficiency. One way to almost guarantee this, is by installing one of HYscent’s fantastic office scent machines. Introducing scent through your office’s HVAC system is subtle, easy, and most importantly, effective. This is because smell is one of the strongest senses, having one of the most powerful influences over your employee’s brain activity.

Natural Office Air Freshener Dispenser

Our office scent machines are void of harmful chemicals and use only essential oils, which have been shown to increase alertness, memory, mental clarity and accuracy. All of which result in increased productivity, and an increase in productivity inevitably leads to a rise in profit.

More specifically, lemon oil not only smells amazing, but by pumping it through one of our office scent diffusers, it has been proven to help staff make 54% less errors whilst smelling lemon, which is hugely beneficial to any business.

What our clients think

He was only at my office for about 5 minutes before he left with the unit, but the scent lingered for about 30-40 minutes after he left. Being that I still smelled the scent after it wasn’t even here, I was impressed.

The best HYscent fragrances for amplifying work performance:

The best air fresheners for office spaces are:

Of course, if you don’t want to fragrance your entire office space, HYscent’s automatic air fresheners for offices can be used to scent reception areas, waiting rooms and meeting rooms. Enquire with us today to see how we can create a bespoke fragrance plan for your office space.

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