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Fragrance your Medical Facility with our Hospital Air Fresheners

HYscent Leaf

Make your healthcare facility as peaceful, stress-free and as pleasant as possible for your patients and staff with HYscent’s fantastic choice of hospital air fresheners. After working with a number of hospitals in the healthcare industry, we’re extremely confident in the positive impact our scent machines provide for patients and staff.

Still not entirely convinced? Check out this testimonial sent in by The Wexner Medical Centre, who love how effectively our air fresheners perform within their healthcare facility for odour control. The Director of Environmental Services shared this positive feedback with our team:

the HYscent program allows our department to deliver a Patient Experience model throughout the system and reach goals that many facilities strive for.

All HYscent fragrances include Odoraxe, which contains Oleris® Methyl undecylenate Odour Eliminator and is known for its anti-odour properties and works well as a hospital grade odor eliminator. Perfect for waiting rooms, washrooms and hospital rooms. We recommend our Lavender Fields fragrance due to its calming and anti-anxiety properties, as well as our Fragrance-Free scent, which effectively removes any unwelcome and unpleasant odours without overwhelming your space with scent.

We suggest the following HYscent products function best as hospital scent machines:

HYscent scent machines work well within the following healthcare facilities:

  • Outpatient surgical facilities
  • Birth centres
  • Blood banks
  • Clinics and medical offices
  • Dialysis centres
  • Hospice homes
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health and addiction treatment centres

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