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HYscent Leaf

Did you know that scent is tied to the portion of the brain that controls memory and emotion? Making it one of the most powerful senses that shouldn’t be ignored or neglected if you’re in the hospitality business. Scentscaping or scent marketing is becoming an integral part of hotel marketing strategy and having a bespoke scent pumped throughout your hotel lobbies and hotel rooms is guaranteed to enhance your guest’s stay and encourage brand loyalty.

From the moment your customers walk through the door, check into their room, enjoy their stay and check out, you have the opportunity to make it a guest experience they remember. This can be achieved through the power of scent marketing with HYscent’s extensive range of hotel air fresheners, scent machines and essential oils.

We suggest using our crisp linen fragrance within your hotel rooms. This scent is all about the feeling of freshly laundered linen is captured through notes of crisp cucumber, silky jasmine and finished with a hint of cedarwood. It strikes the perfect balance between refreshing yet not overpowering, ideal for guest rooms.

Hotel lobby scent machines can embrace scents with more of an impact. Consider our Pomegranate fragrance that’s part of our Heritage range. With succulent notes of pomegranate and pear, combined with rose and exotic woods to capture the richness of forbidden fruit. Or perhaps our Kimset fragrance would be a better fit for your hotel brand identity. With a blend of spiced floras and warm woods wrapped in rich notes of patchouli and musk, it’s a scent your hotel guests won’t want to forget in a hurry.

HYscent products that are ideal for hotel scent marketing:

Take your customer’s experience to the next level with our range of hotel scent machines, guaranteed to get your guests senses tingling.

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