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Commercial air fresheners for managed properties

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It’s no secret that hotels have been pumping their lobbies, guest rooms and communal spaces with signature scents for years, in a bid to enhance customer experience and brand loyalty. Recently, however, property managers for residential buildings have started following suit, enticing potential buyers to purchase apartments, condos and homes.

By incorporating scent marketing for apartment buildings, residential properties, care homes, retirement properties or real estate show rooms it will undoubtedly set your homes apart from the crowd, giving your properties a competitive edge. Our sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions and is heavily linked to memory, so if you effectively target a prospective buyer’s nose, your properties are far more likely to have a lasting impact.

List of managed properties that use commercial air fresheners

  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Condos
  • Real Estate show rooms
  • Retirement Properties
  • Care homes

So why not consider HYscent’s fantastic range of commercial air fresheners to fragrance your residential buildings with? Guaranteed to encourage people to make themselves at home as soon as they step through the front door.

We recommend the following HYscent products:

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First impressions count, so make it a good one with a selection of HYscent’s beautifully crafted eco-friendly fragrances. We think our Pomegranate, Warm Vanilla and Lemon & Basil fragrances are perfect scents for residential buildings of all kinds. Click here to browse through our fragrance collections to find the perfect scent for you.