pet safe air fresheners

Pet safe air fresheners for the pet care industry

HYscent Leaf

There’s no denying, that although we adore our furry friends, sometimes they don’t always smell as cute as they look. There’s plenty of contributing factors that can cause your pet to smell a little unpleasant, including; seasonal or food allergies causing inflammation of the skin, as well as poor diet and bad breath. But HYscent pet safe air fresheners provide an effective solution to pet odour, by scenting your home, office, business or study in a range of beautiful fragrances.

There’s no need to worry about our eco-friendly air fresheners being dangerous to your pet, because although most commercial scent machines use harsh chemicals such as Volatile Organic Compounds, HYscent do not. HYscent pride themselves on offering fragrances created out of essential oils, that not only smell fantastic, have aromatherapeutic benefits but are also pet safe.

Here are our top picks of scent machines that act perfectly as a pet odour eliminator:

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