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Hyscent’s range of retail scent machines is the perfect solution for your business if you’re looking for ways to enhance your customers experience and want to guarantee potential buyers browse for longer. If you’ve never considered an air freshener for retail stores, it’s definitely something worth considering due to the increasing popularity of scent marketing and scents for retail stores across the US.

If you haven’t heard of retail scent marketing before, pumping fragrance into retail spaces can really help create a memorable experience for your guests and also encourage shoppers to engage and remember your brand. Other great benefits of scent marketing include:

  • An enhanced brand and retail experiences for your customers
  • Sale increase: If your space smells great, your customers are going to want to stay. It’s basic logic, plus recent studies show that shoppers stay up to 44% longer when scent diffusers are introduced to a space.
  • Increase your customer brand loyalty and awareness
  • Improve the productivity of your staff with the help of HYscent’s fragrance oils

So why not try our range of fragrances that are guaranteed to awaken your customers sense of smell and desire to purchase. We suggest our newly created:

  • Baked Bread fragrance, specifically created for convenience stores to encourage shoppers to buy freshly baked produce.
  • Our Roasted Coffee Fragrance is perfect for enticing your customers to buy a hot drink from your establishment.
  • HYscent can also create a bespoke scent for retail stores, meaning your business is able to create signature scents that are entirely unique to you. Contact our team today to find out how we make can this happen for you.

HYscent products that are ideal for retail:

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