Stealth Scent Diffuser for Retirement Homes

Commercial Air Fresheners for Retirement Care Homes

HYscent Leaf

Transform odour control within your care home with HYscent’s fantastic range of air fresheners that can be easily linked up through your HVAC systems to fragrance your desired space.

There are many benefits to installing our scent diffusers in to your retirement homes, such as:

  • Anti-bacterial properties that will help eliminate the risk of infection by air-borne bacteria
  • Creates a pleasant working experience for your staff. Essential oils such as lemon boost clarity, and cinnamon helps promote focus amongst staff
  • Certain scents also hold relaxation properties, such as lavender. This is vital for ensuring your residents feel at ease, as senior citizens spend up to 90% of their time in enclosed spaces.

We think here at HYscent that our scent machines work perfectly within:

  • Care Homes
  • Assisted Livings
  • Retirement Homes
  • Senior Living
  • Nursing Homes

To enhance the quality of life of your patients, residents and carers within your senior living homes, consider these following HYscent products:

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