HYscent Leaf

Meet the Team

Simon Sassoon, HYscent

Simon Sassoon

Favorite Fragrance: Kismet
Hobby: Classical Piano
I was visiting a friend of mine who was exhibiting her handbags at the Javitz Centre in New York. While I was waiting for her, I was looking up to the ceiling, daydreaming, when I noticed the air conditioning accordion tube that was piping cool air into the exhibition hall. “Air through a tube”? The HYscent Dual was born in this moment. HYscent was born in this moment. I realised that piping fragrance through a similar tube-like conveyance would be cool. It was. It worked.
Now we’re here. But… we would not be here if not for the “awesome” HYscent team. It is through their diligence, commitment and sheer endless energy that allows me to witness my dream becoming fulfilled. It is because of their efforts that I am afforded the opportunity to continue designing products that I hope add to our growing reputation. HYscent is one of the best fragrancing systems in use today and I am thrilled to be part of this incredible journey.
Jose Morales

Jose Morales

VP of Operations
Favorite Fragrance: Pacific Waves
Hobby: LEGO Builder
Being part of a growing organization is a limited commodity in the US.  Luckily, I’ve been able to grow exponentially at HYSO with my experience in operations.  HYSO has given me opportunities I wouldn’t have reached at this point in my life with other corporations.  The HYscent product line is the best on the market unlike any other in comparison, above all it’s a complete SYSTEM. Not many other air care manufacturers offer that, but this is still just the beginning.  There is so much more to be done and I’m excited to have the chance to be a part of this journey.
Maritza Santos

Maritza Santos

Warehouse Supervisor
Favorite Fragrance: Crisp Linen
Hobby: Singing & Dancing
Working at HYSO has been such a great opportunity for me . HYSO is a small company, but it has also given me the chance to learn and grow as the company itself expands. Its technologies are so innovative, including an assortment of fragrances, HYSO is bound to become something much greater than it already is. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of HYSO and I look forward to seeing the company develop.
Alenice Nieves

Alenice Nieves

Office Manager / CSR
Favorite Fragrance: Warm Vanilla
Hobby: Singing
HYSO – a small company with a BIG picture! Here at HYSO I want to make sure to provide you with phenomenal customer service!  In Addition to creating a personal experience for each of our clients as they discover HYSO is always progressing , always improving. HYSO is a great company to work for and has even better people to work with ! I cannot be happier to now be a part of HYSOs Team and the exceptional growth HYSO is rapidly creating! GOING GLOBAL 2019!
Michael Tavarez

Michael Tavarez

Warehouse Associate
Favorite Fragrance: Pomegranate
Hobby: Sneaker Collecting
Working for HYSO is an incredible opportunity, one with endless learning experience. Dealing hands on with the Hyscent product line and streamlining efficiencies with order fulfillment and delivery is more than a job, it is something that I take great pride in. The team morale and innovation that this company carries, excite me for my future with this company.