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ISSA Dallas 2018

Well yes, sometimes I have to do the networking but what a delight it is to get out there and meet old and new customers! Attended by over 700 exhibitors, including dear old HYscent, it’s an invaluable resource for honing a competitive edge, expanding globally and growing a company. Not to mention seeing the actual…

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How Can We Do Our Bit?

This week has seen the breaking news that if we as humans don’t ratchet up our efforts towards climate change, we’re all shafted, pretty much. My hood: don’t mess it up – For those of you already on board, who understand why HYscent is the only ecologically sound system verses aerosol fragrancing, well, there’s always…

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Such an energetic and vibrant city! I was lucky enough to go and also welcome new distributors into the HYscent family. Jean Concalves, Miquel, Simon and Ignacio and Miquel having a HYscent Hug You know what else – Barcelona, famous for its flower festivals, was such a fragrance inspiration for the future. I loved it.…

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Heaven Scent Autumn

Yes, I use the word Autumn because I’m English, and because I’m correct. I’m often asked which of our fragrances is my favorite. And I use the American spelling of favorite because it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want whenever it suits me. Truth is, I don’t have one but I tend…

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Meet our Hyscent Ambassador & Mascot

Meet Chelsea, our resident doggo and fragrance queen extraordinaire. For an old lady, she’s unbelievably modern in her choices of scents. Currently she’s on summer holiday in Cornwall, England; seaside, sand and seaweed featuring heavily in her outdoor days! If you want to feel instantly beachy on your own mini-vacation, switch your refills to Coastal…

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ISSA Amsterdam 2018

Welcome to my first post. I intend to say exactly what I think and hope to give a good accounting of everything HYscent. I may piss some people off but what’s the point of this blogging malarkey if you can’t be honest. so…. I’m here in Antwerp en route to ISSA Interclean Amsterdam. Going to…

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